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Please enjoy reading some of our old newsletters. We hope you find some beneficial and interesting information.

Rocky Face Ridge Park / A Showy Slipper / The Consummate Forester

Conservation is a Community Affair / Thoughts for this Giving Season

Bluebird Boxes for Master Gardener Projects / Valuing Wetlands

Progress Report: Building Bluebird Boxes / Progress Report: American Chestnut Restoration Project / Junk – What a Waste!!!

Boxes for Bluebirds / Carol Presents / Wahoo!

GPLT Achieves Renewed Accreditation / Kettle Creek Battlefield – A Revolutionary War / The Importance of Home Gardeners / Turkey Tails / A conservation network: Association of Georgia Land Trusts

Protected Land and the Brown Headed Nuthatch / The Bigleaf Magnolia - A Stately Native Species / The Value of Bluebird Boxes

GPLT to Participate in Georgia Conservancy Live Chat / Glimpses from Protected Land During Covid-19 / GPLT Working Hard

Greenspaces Provide Respite from Covid

The Kistner Center / About Mary Kistner / The Kistner Gardens / GPLT Garden Work Days / Helping Our Communities

GPLT Pursues Renewal of Accreditation in 2020 / Kistner Center Garden Workdays Continue in 2020 / GPLT Attends Kettle Creek 2020 Revolutionary Days Celebration / GPLT Continues to Nurture Hybrid American Chestnut Tree Orchards

From the Kistner Center in Gwinnett County . . . / To Rocky Face Ridge Park in Whitfield County . . . / To Kettle Creek Battlefield in Wilkes County . . . / To Woodlands from Upson County to Walton County . . . /  To Creeks and Wetlands from Bibb County to Hall County . . . / To the Mulberry Fields Community Garden in DeKalb County . . . / And the Green Cemetery at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Rockdale County . . .

Green Spaces & Pollinators / Woodlands & Pollinators / Wetlands & Pollinators / Farmlands & Pollinators / Residential Landscapes & Pollinators / Fringe/Fragmented Areas & Pollinators

The Wonder of Nature / The Benefit of Community Gardens / Spotlight on Mulberry Fields

GPLT Attends 3rd and Final Whitfield County Stakeholder Meeting /  GPLT Participates in the American Chestnut Hybrid Project / History of the American Chestnut / GPLT American Chestnut Project Update /  GPLT Attends Meeting GA Chapter, American Chestnut Foundation / Saving the American Chestnut

GPLT Presents to GGC Students / GPLT Work Day at Hybrid American Chestnut Orchard 1 / Historic Cemetery Cleanup / Historic Battlefield Visit /  GPLT Attends 2nd Whitfield County Stakeholder Meeting

GPLT Attends Whitfield County Stakeholder Meeting /  GPLT Attends Revolutionary Days Celebration The Battle of Kettle Creek / The Importance of Kettle Creek /  Discoveries at the Kettle Creek Battlefield 

Looking Back on 2018 / GPLT Service Area / Why We Protect Land

What is a Land Trust? / How Land is Protected / Fee Simple Land Donations / Conservation Easements

GPLT Celebrates 20 Years of Land Protection / GPLT Service Area / Why We Protect Land / GPLT Board Member Dale Higdon 2017 Cox Conserves Hero Finalist

Native plants defined
Getting started is easy

For shade or sun, choose a native shrub
Consider this shrub a bad actor

The finishing touch for a garden
Ground covers to avoid

Bring a fringe into your garden
Or try a Serviceberry
A good tree to remove from your garden

Looking for the Perfect Shrub?
Poster Child for Bad Actors – Plants, That Is

Thank you to Hank Ohme, Suzy Downing, Dale Higdon
& Carol Hassell for all our spectacular pictures.