Monastery of the
Holy Spirit

In 2008 GPLT partnered with the Monastery of the Holy Spirit to protect their conservation burial ground. While the Monastery retains ownership of the property, GPLT holds a conservation easement to ensure that it remains in a natural state for perpetuity.

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Conservation Burial Ground

The Honey Creek Woodlands is a conservation burial ground in Conyers, Georgia located among the Monastery of the Holy Spirit's 2,300 acres and adjacent to the 8,000 acre Arabia Mountain Heritage Corridor. The Monastery offers a quiet and beautiful resting place for people of all faiths.

As a natural burial ground, Honey Creek Woodlands is a nature preserve first and bears little resemblance to a conventional cemetery. There are no manicured lawns or rows of headstones. Instead, burial sites are located among the trails, forests, meadows, wildflowers, and trees of the preserve. Graves are marked by simple engraved stone markers. ​

This alternative to modern burial returns the body to the earth in its most natural state, without use of embalming chemicals or a concrete vault. This lessens the impact of burial on the earth. Natural burials allow Honey Creek Woodlands to conserve nature by expanding the wildlife habitat, providing an environment for native plants to thrive, and providing clean air, and a cleaner watershed. ​

Bodies are laid to rest in a shroud or casket made of biodegradable materials. Cremated remains are also buried in biodegradable containers. The scattering of ashes is not allowed.

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