Wilkes County

In 2019 GPLT partnered with Wilkes County and the American Battlefield Trust to protect 180 acres of the Kettle Creek Battlefield. While Wilkes County retains ownership of the property, GPLT holds a conservation easement to ensure that it remains in a natural state for perpetuity and its historic and archeological values are protected.

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Kettle Creek Battlefield

The Kettle Creek Revolutionary War Battlefield, located between modern Tyrone and Washington, Georgia is one of the few remaining intact Revolutionary War battlefields in Georgia.

This was the location of the first major victory for the Patriot forces in the back country of Georgia. It ended with the defeat of a Loyalist militia force on their way to British-controlled Augusta. On February 14, 1779, a hastily-organized group of only 360 Patriots defeated more than 800 Loyalists at the Battle of Kettle Creek to forever break the stranglehold the British had on Georgia.

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