Whitfield County

In 2016 GPLT partnered with Whitfield County and the American Battlefield Trust to protect 300+ acres at Rocky Face Ridge Park.

While Wilkes County retains ownership of the property, GPLT holds a protective conservation easement. Working in concert with the state’s Historic Preservation Division, the easement requires GPLT to evaluate proposed uses to ensure that the property remains in a natural state, and its historic and archeological values are protected.

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Rocky Face Ridge Park

In 2014, the county acquired the 301-acre Grant Farm, which abuts approximately 650 acres the county already owned. Together, the two properties comprise the new park. This was the site of two Civil War battles in 1864 and also of Confederate encampments when the Confederate Army spent the winter of 1863-64 in Dalton following the Battle of Chattanooga.

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