Wylde Center

In 2007, the owners of a property in Candler Park, Mulberry Fields, partnered with GPLT to place a conservation easement on this hidden gem that serves as a natural oasis and community garden for the local community. This conservation easement secures its continuity as green space and protects it from development.

In 2016, the Wylde Center assumed management of Mulberry Fields. The Wylde Center was founded in 1997 to support communities by connecting people to nature through environmental education and public greenspace.

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Mulberry Fields

Mulberry Fields is an unique oasis hidden in Candler Park. The acre of open meadow, mulberry grove and towering old pecan trees offer an accessible green space for recreation, environmental education, community building and organic growing.

The garden also shelters neighborhood hawks, owls, bluebirds and a variety of woodpecker species. In the later part of the 1800’s Mulberry Fields was part of a dairy farm, and the oldest farm house was built on the west end of the property – it still stands today.

Children and their families flock to the animal pens to visit the goats, discover the wonder of fresh eggs and play in the meadow and on the basketball court. Around 25 households participate in the community garden.

Mulberry Fields was named after a beloved goat, Mulberry. Play groups for mothers and toddlers regularly meet in the meadow. Children discover the wonder of growing their own food and learn about the life cycle of plants, insects, bird’s, trees and flowers.

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