Supporting GPLT

People who are connected to special places energize the protection of land — be a part of it! It starts with your vision for the land. What do you want to protect?

Maybe you own land that you want to protect. You many wish to donate a conservation easement — even donate the property itself — to GPLT. When you protect land, you leave a legacy for coming generations. Your donation may help reduce family estate tax, income taxes, and property tax. Contact us by completing the form on our website or calling us for more information.

Great things start when people get inspired.

Maybe you can volunteer. Can you spark new ideas, spread the word or inspire children to love nature, too? GPLT needs active citizens, dedicated volunteers, talented staff and visionary board members. We need you and your special skills! Or make a donation.

More Information

Donate via PayPal

A gift to GPLT is a gift to your community. Your donation will support our work to:

- ensure that important conservation values remain intact
- restore the important functions of habitat
- help people connect with natural places
- spread the word about the importance of conservation

Donate via PayPal

Leaving a Bequest

By being intentional about the legacy you want to leave behind through a bequest, you can make a positive impact for generations to come. Designating a charitable contribution in your will or living trust ensures that what’s important to you is taken care of for years to come. Whether your gift takes the form of a specific monetary sum, a percentage of your estate, or the residual amount after adder, you will contribute to the long-term conservation of our natural resources.

Below is legal language to share with your attorney to make a gift to Georgia Piedmont Land Trust in your will or living trust to help the land trust fulfill its mission to conserve and protect the lands, history, wildlife, waterways, and air we all appreciate each day: "I give and bequeath to Georgia Piedmont Land Trust (Federal Tax ID #xxx), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation domiciled in Georgia, the sum of $____ (or ___% of my residuary estate) to be used by the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust in the fulfillment of its mission through purposes as the board of trustees shall determine."

Thank You

Thank you for your interest and support of the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust (GPLT) mission to ensure that green and open space in the northern half of Georgia provides the ecological benefits essential for healthy communities and a high quality of life for their citizens .

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