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In 2007 a conservation easement covering a portion of the flood plain of Bromolow Creek (also referred to as Beaver Ruin Creek on some maps), running roughly parallel to I-85 near the Beaver Ruin Road exit, was assigned to the Gwinnett Open Land Trust (GOLT) now known as the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust (GPLT). The easement was part of a 1990s settlement to compensate for substantial damage done to the area by a developer who had clear cut surrounding forests and badly damaged the floodplain.

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Beaver Ruin Wetland Park
Passive Wetlands Park

Later, in 2007, Gwinnett County acquired this and adjacent land to create a passive park for the residents of an underserved area of the County. The Beaver Ruin Wetland Park Site, composed of 58+ acres, is a floodplain corridor associated with blueline Bromolow Creek, which dominates the northern half of the site. Bromolow Creek enters the site from the west in well-defined banks.

A master plan for the park was created and published in September 2008. GPLT participated in the development of the plan as a member of the Master Plan Steering Committee. Funding for the park, now based upon a somewhat revised plan, became available with the 2017 SPLOST (Special Purpose Location Option Sales Tax).

Adjacent riparian areas support middle aged tree species such as river birch, and sycamore. Other areas along the creek show signs of black willow, alder, ironwood and herbaceous vegetation including cat tail, Juncus effusus – common rush -- and bulrush. The upland areas support a pine, hardwood mix with the stands of hardwood including sycamore, sweetgum, tulip poplar, and oak. The site is also home to numerous birds, water fowl, beaver, deer and numerous reptiles.

Gwinnett County has begun work on developing Beaver Ruin Wetland Park and expects to open it to the public in early 2024. The park will be a passive wetland park featuring a playground, a wildlife observation tower, trails, boardwalks and small shelters.

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